EFAF has an Officiating committee, which does all admistrative work concerning officiating, e.g. registration of European officials, makes assignments to European games, arranges yearly officiating clinic in co-operation of European federations, and publishes yearly officiating handbook and a monthly newsletter. Officiating Committee also works in co-operation of IFAF,NFLE and NCAA officiating departments. EFAF Officiating Committee also has sub-committees for mechanics, rules and reviewing.


Chairman of the Officiating Committee : Jose Maria Rebes

Assistant Director of Officiating Tackle Football: Raymond Fouillet
Assistant Director of Officiating Flag Football: Alexandre Roger

Technical Committee: Jim Briggs
Technical Committee: Einar Bolstand
Technical Committee: Veikko Lamminsalo
Technical Committee: Perttu Hautala (

Officiating Newsletter Editor: Jose Maria Rebes

If you like to contact the Officiating Department please use

More information, like game forms, are avaible at the download section.


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