EC 2007 C-Group: Switzerland on the rise

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Netherlands - Switzerland 8 : 40 (0:10/0:27/0:3/8:0)

The Netherlands had not the ghost of a chance in their first EC-C Match agianst a strong perfoming unit from Switzerland.

Though Austria was free of play, six players from the Austrian Football League were still on the field. Five of them for Switzerland. The debut of Swarco Raiders Quarterback Marko Glavic in the Swiss jersey was highly anticipated.

The Swiss Team won the coin toss, but prefered the second half option. Their defense held the Netherlands in their first drive 3 & out and Marko Glavic, a Canadian with Swiss Roots, and his offense came on the field. It was a run from Urs Gersbach for 49 Yards who brought the first points for Switzerland and the 0-7 lead (PAT Marcel Niklaus). Niklaus was it who scored a Fieldgoal, shortly after another strong performance of his Defense, stopping the dutch offense to 3 & out.

A bad punt from the dutch (snap too high) brought the swiss in ball posession at the NED 20. But Lennard Harris rips out the ball of swiss Fullback Hakan Aktas hands for a turnover. Many mistakes also characterized the next plays. Interceptions on both sides (Laurent Karlen, SUI & Eric Bodermeijer NED) and a fumble from the dutch team – the ballposession changed in a minute cycle.

In the second quarter marko Glavic found in a 4th down his receiver Urs von Kaenel in the endzone, but the TD was denied due a holding in this play. So it had to be a mistake who brought the next points. Swiss Defensive Back Markus Schirmer returned an interception, thrown by Netherlands QB Mathijs Eijsenga, for 21 Yards into the orange endzone for the 0-17 swiss lead. Holland seemed to act distressed, when they faked a punt on a 4th down with a loss of ground and a turnover. Switzerland took completely control over the game at this stage. Andres Trautmann caught a Glavic Pass at the NED 2 and Urs von Kaenel caught another one for the third Swiss Touchdown (0-24). Marc Egli (Punt Return) and Tino Gasser (Interception return) added another two Touchdowns for the outstandig operating Swiss Team and a 0-37 halftime lead.

Temporarliy not much changed after the break. Marcel Niklaus scored his second Fieldgoal for the 0-40 lead. Switzerland set the game at ease by controlling the ball and the clock and aspired to let nothing spectecular happen anymore.

The dutch, desperately seeking for a score, finally found it, when Pepijn Mendonca-Henri passed for 22 Yards to Etienne Lof into the swiss Endzone. Robert van der Brink made the 2-Point-Conversion for the final standing of 8-40.

EFAF Raiffeisen Football EC-C
Netherlands vs. Switzerlands 8:40


August 14th, Kickoff 15:00
Stadium Wolfsberg, Attendance: 150
Weather: sunny, dry


First Quarter:

TD SUI (49-Yards-Rush Urs Gersbach) 0-7 (PAT good, Marcel Niklaus)

FG SUI (Marcel Niklaus) 0-10

Second Quarter:
TD SUI (21-Yards-Interception-Return) 0-17 (PAT good, Marcel Niklaus)

TD SUI (2-Yards Pass Marko Glavic to Urs von Kaenel) 0-24 (PAT good, Marcel Niklaus)

TD SUI (60-Yards Punt Return Marc Egli) 0-30 (2-Point-Conversion failed)

TD SUI (21-Yards-Interception-Return Tino Gasser) 0-37 (PAT good, Marcel Niklaus)

Third Quarter:

FG SUI (Marcel Niklaus) 0-40

Fourth Quarter:

TD NED (22-Yards Pass Pepijn Mendonca-Henri to Etienne Lof) 0-48 (2-Point Conervsion Robert van der Brink)


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