EC 2007 C-Group: Austria dominates Kickoff-Game

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Austra - Serbia 59:3 (17:0/0:3/21:0/21:0)

Austria dominates Serbia in the EFAF Raiffseisen Football C-EC-Kickoff-Game

Serbia couldn’t match Team Austria’s strong performance in their first game after a break of six years.

The first drive of Serbia ended with a Quarterback-Sack on Caba Juhas by Austria’s Linebacker Michael Werosta. Austria established their running game in their first drive, but Serbias Red-Zone-Defense avoided a touchdown at this time. Kicker Peter Kramberger scored a Fieldgoal from 26 Yards for a 3-0 lead.

Linebacker Michael Werosta caused huge problems for the Serbian Offense. Werosta tackled twice in their second drive, which brought them to 4th & 15 and a punt. Serbia’s Punter Milan Matovich went on his knees before he punted the ball, so Austria started the next drive on Serbia’s 12. Runningback Florian Grein rushed for these Yards into Serbia’s Endzone. 10-0 (PAT Peter Kramberger good)

Michael Werosta became Serbia’s nightmare, when he sacked QB Caba Juhas for another time and a loss of yards – again the Serbs had to punt on 4th and long. Runningback Stefan Scharinger led the way to the next score for Austria, with a 40-Yards-Rush to Serbia’s 19. It was Florian Grein, who was the found for the second time in Serbia’s Endzone – 17-0 (PAT Peter Kramberger good).

In the second quarter Team Serbia gained their first First Down in the game, converting a 4th down & short successfully. A personal foul (roughing the kicker) during a punt brought the Serbs another First Down at their own 45. Andrej Tasic, replacing starting Quarterback Caba Juhas after an injury, rushed to Austrias 36 for another good First Down for Serbia. Jovan Plecas caught a Tasic-Pass at Austrias 22, when Austrians youngest player, 17 years old Philipp Magreiter, sacked Tasic for a loss of almost 10 yards during the next play. The drive ended with a 39-Yards Field goal from Milan Matovic on the first points for Serbia in this game. Halftime 17-3.

The second quarter started with a 90-Yards-Kickoff-Return Touchdown by Jakob Dieplinger to a comfortable 24-3 lead for the Austrians (PAT good, Peter Kramberger). Austrians attempt to Kick Onside failed, but the red-white-red Defense recovered a fumble. Runningback-Duo Stefan Scharinger and Mario Nerad gained ground to Serbia’s 10-Yard-Line. And Nerad was it who scored the next Rushing-Touchdown for Austria.

Austria’s Defense again recovered a fumble and gained ball possession in good field position. Andreas Diwald went for Austria under center and threw a spectacular 34-Yards-Touchdown to Wide Receiver Christian Steffani – 38-3 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger) after three quarters.

Serbia wasn’t able to gain ground against Austria’s strong defense and had to punt in their next drive. Andreas Diwald threw easily his second Touchdown to Receiver Pasha Asiladab over 19 Yards to the 45-3 lead Austria at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

An interception of Defensive Back Johannes Neusser brought the ball immediately back to the Austrian Team. Austria’s third Quarterback Thomas Haider entered the game. The youngster sneaked for 1 yard to the seventh touchdown of the evening, before Backup Runningback Ralph Pointner made the eight and last Touchdown of the evening against a Team Serbia at no chance at all. Final result: 59-3. (end)

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EFAF Raiffeisen Football EC-C
Austria vs. Serbia 59:3
August 12th, Kickoff 19:00
Stadium Wolfsberg, Attendance: 1200
Weather: cloudy, temporarly rain

First Quarter:
FG AUT (Peter Kramberger) 3-0
TD AUT (12-Yards-Rush Florian Grein) 10-0 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)
TD AUT (15-Yards-Rush Florian Grein) 17-0 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)
Second Quarter:
FG SER (Milan Matovich) 17-3
Third Quarter:
TD AUT (Kickoff-Return-Touchdown Jakob Dieplinger) 24-3 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)
TD AUT (10-Yards-Rush Mario Nerad) 31-3 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)
TD AUT (34-Yards-Pass Andreas Diwald to Christian Steffani) 38-3 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)
Fourth Quarter:
TD AUT (19-Yards-Pass Andreas Diwald to Pasha Asiladab) 45-3 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)
TD AUT (1-Yard Rush Thomas Haider) 52-3 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)
TD AUT (1-Yard Rush Ralph Pointner) 59-3 (PAT good, Peter Kramberger)


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