EJC 2006: Tough loss for Denmark

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Kirill Chekhov got the starting job once again as russian QB when Russia and Denmark fought for fifth place. But Russia opens the game poor and fumbles the ball on their own 35 yd line and Denmark gets the chance to make the first score. Russian safety Anton Kishkaruk thinks otherwise and stop Denmark whom misses a 4th down try.

Instead the impressive WR Ramil Khisyametdinov and RB Egor Garanin takes turn to move the ball forward and finally Garinin can score a TD on a 4 yd run. The danish offens doesn’t produce much the entire game and are often three and out.

Russia puts in Anton Shaykhiev as QB and after a long drive he score russias second TD on a sneak. Denmark gets a last chance to score a TD before half time and RB Alexander Simonsen carries the ball more or less by himself all the waqy to the russian 20 yd line. But Denmark did not get any longer and after a failed 4th try the 2nd half is over 14-0 Russia.

Second half starts the same way as the first half ended for the danish team when Artem Galkin makes an interception to the 20 yd line after a 40 yd return. Starting QB Chehkov moved out as TE and a couple of plays later he catches a pass in the end zone from Shaykhiev, voted MVP for Russia, and the game is more or less over.

Both teams defens plays really well and not until late in the fourth quarter Russai closes the game with a last TD by Khisyametdinov. He set it up himself with a 30 yd revers deep down on the danish half and on a fourth down try he catches the ball and takes it down to the end zone and the game ends 28-0 Russia.

Denmark HC Lar Carlsen was disapointed on the press conference after the game and said that their earlier splended passing game was gone and the running game didn’t get going and the russian defens played very well. Russia played their best game of the Championship and have young team with many returning players in the next Championship in two years.

MVP Denmark was LB Christoffer Aakjaer whom had 10 tackles in the game.

More pictures of the game can be fetched from photographer Cecilia Håkanssons homepage later on today or tomorrow at: www.cillen.com/ejc2006

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
Denmark............. 0 0 0 0 - 0 Record: (1-3,1-3)
Russia.............. 0 14 7 7 - 28 Record: (2-2,2-2)
Scoring Summary:
2nd 09:57 RU - E Garanin 3 yd run (M Batishev kick), 15 plays, 69 yards, TOP 6:11, DE 0 - RU 7
03:50 RU - A Shaykhiev 1 yd run (M Batishev kick), 8 plays, 24 yards, TOP 4:05, DE 0 - RU 14
3rd 06:47 RU - K Chekhov 7 yd pass from A Shaykhiev (M Batishev kick), 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 1:39,
DE 0 - RU 21
4th 02:37 RU - R Khisyametdino 9 yd pass from A Shaykhiev (M Batishev kick), 5 plays, 40 yards, TOP
1:54, DE 0 - RU 28
FIRST DOWNS................... 7 13
RUSHES-YARDS (NET)............ 15-78 39-153
PASSING YDS (NET)............. 67 82
Passes Att-Comp-Int........... 27-9-2 14-7-0
TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS..... 42-145 53-235
Fumble Returns-Yards.......... 0-0 0-0
Punt Returns-Yards............ 0-0 1-38
Kickoff Returns-Yards......... 4-59 0-0
Interception Returns-Yards.... 0-0 2-38
Punts (Number-Avg)............ 4-27.0 3-27.7
Fumbles-Lost.................. 0-0 1-1
Penalties-Yards............... 5-31 8-63
Possession Time............... 15:00 25:00
Sacks By: Number-Yards........ 3-14 0-0
RUSHING: Denmark-M Vestergaard 4-38; A Simonsen 6-26; F Weicher 5-14.
Russia-E Garanin 15-64; A Medvedev 9-56; R Khisyametdino 1-25; M Batishev
3-7; K Chekhov 3-6; M Borisenkov 1-2; A Shaykhiev 7-minus 7.
PASSING: Denmark-M Vestergaard 7-21-1-45; P L Hansen 1-4-0-7; A
Simonsen 0-1-1-0; M Lilhauge 1-1-0-15. Russia-A Shaykhiev 6-12-0-63; K
Chekhov 1-2-0-19.
RECEIVING: Denmark-M Rasmussen 6-56; N Sorensen 1-7; F Weicher 1-3; L
Mikkelsen 1-1. Russia-R Khisyametdino 2-24; K Chekhov 2-18; I Chernovtskiy
1-19; V Belenko 1-18; M Batishev 1-3.
INTERCEPTIONS: Denmark-None. Russia-A Yachkov 1-2; A Galkin 1-36.
SACKS (UA-A): Denmark-K Dyhr Oelund 1-0; FE Agidus 1-0; P Halby 1-0.
TACKLES (UA-A): Denmark-K Dyhr Oelund 7-3; C Aakjar 6-4; D Deleuran
4-2; KE Tranemose 3-3; A Mahmutovic 1-3; P Halby 1-3; FE Agidus 2-1; M
Moller 1-2; TEAM 1-0; K Warthoe 1-0; P Nielsen 1-0; M Boutrup 1-0; M
Vestergaard 1-0; P Borzych 0-1. Russia-A Kishkaruk 5-1; A Galkin 2-1; A
Yachkov 2-1; Y Khotsinskiy 2-1; D Filipov 2-1; TEAM 2-0; R Ermilin 2-0; S
Vasil'ev 2-0; E Sobolev 1-0; I Chernovtskiy 1-0; A Pugovkin 1-0; D
Khotsinskiy 0-1; E Kablukov 0-1; A Leonov 0-1.

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