EJC 2006: French speed beat Finnish size

Category: - published 2006-07-22 by EFAF

You could tell that this was a premiere game at the
European Junior Championship when the first half in
the France vs Finland game had alot of simple
misstakes. But the longer the game went both teams
played better and better and some relly good football
was played.

Finland got a tuf start with a fumble on the first drive on the
midle of their own half. And that chance France took advantage
of with a nice sweep to the 10 yd line and by Jeremie Bizet and
an equal nice pass from Paul Durand to the same Bizet the play
after and we had 6-0 on the score board to France. The extra
point kick was missed by Maxime Malavard.
Then Finland varies tough running with good passes but hte
finnish receivers dit not have the best of their days and are
dropping alot of balls and Finland have problems of gaining yds.
France put their trust in their speedy runningbacks and are
running the ball most of their plays.
The rest of the first half is on the midle of the field and no team
are really taking charge since the strong finnish defens with the big linebacker Anssi Nevalainen and
the two defensive backs Pecka Rantala and Atte Penttinen makes it hard for France to gain many
Already now you can tell that it is special teams that will win the game today and the french special
team players are faster and more hungry than the finish players. The french punter Azzidane
Bouayach makes some really nice punts and gives Finland very tuf field position all the time.
In the opening kickoff in the second half France again gets a dream start when Jeremy Rabot starts
the half with a 90 yd kickoff return for TD. Once again the extrapoin is missed but is still looks really
tuf for Finland. But Finland have made some halftime adjustments and the fast runningback Janne
Eskola enters the field and adds some speed to the finnish offense together with the new QB Aleksi
Seppänen that finds his teammate wide receiver Pekka Rantala several times and Finland is starting to
move the ball. Unfortunately most drives are ended in the hands of a french DB with interceptions
from Seppänen that produces yards but no points.
France excellent runningback Yannick Kamga then finally kills the game with a TD after Maxime
Malavard have taken his second interception of the day and the final score is 19-0 France.
After the game both french HC Paul Vincent Miraval and Finlands Harri Malkamäki both agreed that
even the numbers it was a really tight game. You could tell that it was the first championship game
with a lot of simple misstakes early on in the game. Miraval continued that Special teams was the key
point and the KOR TD was the game breaker. Finlanmd had some players that stood out but France
played more as a team.
MVP in France was DL Kevin Sejean and in Finland LB Jussin Herrainsilta.
Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
Finland............. 0 0 0 0 - 0 Record: (0-1,0-1)
France.............. 6 0 6 7 - 19 Record: (1-0,1-0)
Scoring Summary:
1st 09:33 FR - J Bizet 17 yd pass from P Durand (JB Duarte kick failed), 2 plays, 30 yards,
TOP 0:13, FI 0 - FR 6
3rd 09:48 FR - J Rabot 90 yd kickoff return (Y Kamga rush failed), , FI 0 - FR 12
4th 01:26 FR - Y Kamga 2 yd run (JB Duarte kick), 4 plays, 28 yards, TOP 1:13, FI 0 - FR 19

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