EJC 2006: Tough win for Sweden against Russia

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It was an exciting and nail biting show when the
hosting nation Sweden defeted Russia with 14-7 at
Zinkensdamms IP in Stockholm. The drama was the
upside in a game where both teams made some simple
misstakes and the flags were flying all over the place.

First half both teams played really well at times but also made a lot
of mistakes. Sweden started of really well and the first half
belonged to Swedish runningback Tim Kolezar-Olsson. But also QB
Michel Jenmert had some nice passes into the Russian terretory,
but it was mainly Olsson show and he did also the first TD of the
game with 4.30 left of the 1st quarter.
The Swedish defens got good pressure on the russian QB Kirill
Chekhov and the russians had problems getting a first down. And when they punted Olsson came
back in and ran around, over and under the russian defens.
But in the second half it turned. A Swedish fumble gave the russians some new breath and Chekhov
found Denis Kleymenov with a nice pass. Next pass to Ramil Khisyametdinov he wrestled his way to
the endzone and the tie was a fact.
Sweden was then lucky to have 7-7 in half time when the russians should have had the ball on their
Swedens 1 yd line but the refs made a doubtful incomplete ruling.
The drama and the penelties continued in second half, but this time it was the russians that started
the best. An interception from Yuri Khotsiskiy stopped Swedend attack but the russians did not
manage to score.
Anders Hermodsson came in as the swedish QB and gave the the offens a new boost. First he found
his brother Jesper with a nice pass then he and Hampus Hellermark ran very effective against the
Russian defens. In the beginning of the 4th quarter Sweden are in the Russian redzone and there
Hermodsson could take the ball into the endzone for a Swedish 14-7 lead.
The Swedish defens stepped up and the russians took a chance with Anton Shaykhiev as a QB and
Chekhov moved to receiver. This looked promising but when Daniel Johansson made an interception
the Russians last hope whent away.
Adter that the swedes let the clock run out and won a 14-7 victory and they won because they did
less errors than their opponents. An aggressive swedish defens also contibuted to the win. But it was
close and the audience really got value for the money, maybe not for the quality of the game but for
the exitment.
Tim Kolezar-Olsson was voted game MVP in Sweden while Kirill Chekhov was honored in Russia.

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
Sweden.............. 7 0 0 7 - 14 Record: (1-0,1-0)
Russia.............. 0 7 0 0 - 7 Record: (0-1,0-1)
Scoring Summary:
1st 05:30 SW - T K Olsson 2 yd run (R Efrem kick), 7-59 2:43, SW 7 - RU 0
2nd 03:41 RU - R Khisyametdino 14 yd pass from K Chekhov (M Batishev kick), 11-67 4:27, SW 7 -
RU 7
4th 09:28 SW - A Hermodsson 1 yd run (R Efrem kick), 9-92 3:32, SW 14 - RU 7

Zinkensdamms IP
Saturday July 22 18.00
Sunny +23
Attendance: 704

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