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Dear friends,

The EC 2003-2005 European championships Series had been a great success for EFAF and all national federations involved. We had a record number of teams participating and three tournaments at Copenhagen, Amiens and Malmoe with thousands of spectators.

As the old series are over now we have to plan the new ones.

Here are some details for the EC 2007-2009 Championships Series:

1. Group Setting:

New group setting for the EC 2007-2009 Championship Series based on the results of the EC 2002-2005 Championship Series are:

A-Group in 2009:

Great Britain
Winner B-Group 2008

B-Group in 2008:

Czech Republic
Winner C-Group 2007

C-Group in 2007


2. Entry fees

Basic entry fee for all groups: 1.000 EUR (to be paid by December 1, 2005)

Additional Entry fee for Final Tournaments:

C-Group: 0
B-Group: 500
A-Group: 1000

There will be a cash deposit as guarantuee for all groups. The exact ammount of the deposit will be fixed in the tournament regulations. Maximum deposit will be 5.000 EUR for A-Group.

3. Entry deadline:

Entry deadline for all tournaments: December 1, 2005

4. Application process for hosts:

Each application consists of two phases:

Phase 1: Letter of Intent

Each interested federation has to send a letter in which the federation has to declare that the federation is interested to host and organize the tournament. The letter of intend does not have to include any other content besides this. EFAF just needs the information which federation is interested to. Only federations which submit a letter of intent will be considered as potential hosts and will be part of the further application process.

Phase 2: Application

An application file has to contain the following information:

1. application letter
2. hosting city
3. stadium venue
4. accommodation
5. transportation
6. media coverage
7. budget
8. stadium plan
9. financial bid (what the federation is willing to allocate to EFAF and the participants)

Once a federation has submitted an application it is still possible to make changes of the application.

EFAF will evaluate the bid and most probably send an evaluation committee to the venue before the decision is taken.

EFAF will send each potential host a contract draft which the federation has to sign before the final decision is taken.

Once the contract is signed by the applicant and all evaluations are finished EFAF Board of Directors will decided on the application.

Application deadlines:

C-Group 2007

Hosting Application Procedure:

Letter of Intent: December 15, 2005
Application: April 30, 2006

B-Group 2008

Hosting Application Procedure:

Letter of Intent: December 15, 2005
Application: April 30, 2006

A-Group 2009

Hosting Application Procedure:

Letter of Intent: June 1, 2006
Application: September 15, 2006

Minimum hosting requirements:

This bid should include an offer which requirements the federations feels able to fulfil.

The minimum requirements to host a European Championship are:

- bus transportations from the hotel to the game place
- organization of the stadium
- advertising and public relations
- residence and lodging for all referees, no per diem.
- travel costs officials: LOC will transport and pay for two neutral officials from Europe.
- trophies for Champion, Runner-up, Bronze-medal Game winner and MVP provided by LOC,
- VIP-Hospitality
- sanction fee for EFAF of 5000 EURO (for the C-Group only 2.500 EURO)
- TV-Coverage (optional)
- bank guarantee from the LOC of 20.000 EURO (tentative)
- residence and lodging of the own team (each team consisting of 45 players and 10 staff) for the time of their stay at the game site (only A-Group)

To be covered by the participants:

- residence and lodging of the own team (each team consisting of 45 players and 10 staff) for the time of their stay at the game site (B- and C-Group)
- travelling to the game city
- each participating federations has to transport and pay for three officials,

To be covered by Efaf or LOC or participants:
Accommodation of EFAF representatives and other guests are not included.
Medals to be provided by EFAF

Of course a federation can offer more – but not less – than those minimum requirements.

If e. g. an applicant is willing to provide accommodation for the participants of B- and C-Group the applicant is welcome.


Robert Huber Tommy Wiking
President Senior Vice President

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