EJC 2013 Qualifier Sweden vs. The Netherlands 34 : 12

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Sweden defeated Holland 34-12, and goes to the next round of qualification

A sunny Norvalla IP in Helsingborg welcomed the 623 spectators to see the Swedish national team for players under 19 defeat Holland with 34-12 in the first qualification round to the European championship being played in Germany. Also approximately 3000 viewers on the live stream broadcast.

The game started well for the Swedish team after Quaterback Jordan Heath by himself made a 37 yard run for Touchdown. Also the following score was from the Swedes and this time Heath delivered the ball to Tim Berggren for 20 yard Touchdown pass.

Holland had a various offensive and even if many of the passes from Quaterback Zakaria Ibn Hossain missed its target did a pass find Gino Ripken for the first Dutch Touchdown of the game with only four seconds left of the first half. Even though Holland missed their PAT they've got 6 points on the scoreboard before half time.

None of the teams started the second half very well and first when it was 1:04 left of the third quarter did Swedens Heath a short pass to Jonatan Gihl for Touchdown. Following Kickoff could have resulted in a Dutch return Touchdown but receiver Denilson Raadwijk made an unfortunate decision by stopping instead of keep on running when the first contact was about to be initiated by the 50-yard line.

Instead of the return Touchdown did Sweden take an even bigger lead when Emil Knutsson ran 22 yards for the last Swedish Touchdown of the day. Holland ended their score with 12 after a 55 yard pass from Hossain to Anröchte. The Dutch PAT was no good.

Sweden advances to the next round to fight for a spot in the EJC against Denmark. Unfortunately does one of these great teams have to miss out on the Final round since it's only a four team tournament, so no matter how it goes will the final round miss out a great football team.

MVP Holland - Gino Ripken
MVP Sverige - Erik Törnblom

Game stats:

Sweden 34 Holland 12.

1Q 14-0
2Q 0-6
3Q 7-0
4Q 13-6

Spectators: 623

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