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SATURDAY 3 - 9:30am (San Pablo Stadium -SEVILLA)
SPAIN (0-2) - DENMARK (0-2) 5th place Game

Spain and Denmark will face each other fot the 5th spot in this EJC´11 on the first game of last EJC day. Both teams are winless and hope to obtain a win before going back home. The Spanish team, lost against Sweden (28-10) in a good game where Spain was ahead at halftime but lost finally against current EU runner-up, and also lost 6-55 in game where the Spanish were dominated from beginning to end. Main threads in Spain are Rubén Beltran (QB), Kevin Gramage,(RB) and Ian Escoda, Jean Claude Madin-Cerezo and Adrià Botella (WRs). The defense will have on Pablo Caso, Jordi Brugnani and Javie Kavena their main players.
On the Danish side they are very affected after losing a close game against Germany. A game that the Danes were winning most part of the time. Now they face Spain again (they played a scrimmage a week ago). Lars Carlsen team has its main weapons on tall WR Simon Mathiesen, RB Johannes Hylby, Mads Bonde (WR) and an aggressive defense where Lars Hysting, Louis Nissen, Timmi Kleinnibbelink and Niels Holm will try to complicate things on the Spanish offense.

SATURDAY 3 - 12:30am (San Pablo Stadium -SEVILLA)
GERMANY (1-1) - SWEDEN (1-1) Bronze Medal Game

Germany and Sweden are playing again, like in EJC´08, but this time they are playing for a Bronze medal at EJC´11 after losing against Austria and France respectively. The Germans, coached by Peter Springwald, are going to play this game after a nice comeback against Denmark. When Germany lost against Austria in the Inaugural Day, the team was devastated since it was first time Germany lost against an Austrian team in an official game, but they rebounded and will play tomorrow for the Bronze. Manuel Engelmmann (QB), has become the best runner on the German team, and with Stacey Bryant and receivers Aurieus Adegbesa, Erich Heinz, Laurent Mohr and Eric Nzeocha they will try to get the medal.
They face a Swedish team, coached by Mats Hagsten that was very close to arrive to the Final but lost at the very last moments of the decisive game against France. Brilliant and incisive RB Carl Nielsen, and Oscar Nevermann, will continue being top offensive threads for Germany. On defense, Niclas Anderson, Christian Kuylenstierna, Aleksi Nyström and Billy Enfjäll will be crucial for Sweden.

SATURDAY 3 - 18:00pm (La Cartuja -SEVILLA)

Austria and France showed they are the best teams at the EJC´11 so they face each other at the Final game tomorrow at 18:30 (La Cartuja). Austria won games again Germany (14-7), last Sunday, and Denmark (21-16), Tuesday. Altough none of these games was an easy one, the Austrians demonstrated they are a very balanced and compensated team with an attack coordinated by Jakob Dieplinger at the sidelines. With perfect compenetration between QB Christoph Gubish with his receivers Laurinho Walch and Clemens Erlsbacher and two powerful RBs in Andreas Hofbauer and Johannes Streihammer, Austria hopes in winning the game.
In front they will find a strong French defense in Islem Belkhous, Guitermbi Vickos, Kevin Magra and Massimo Pignataro along with a quick secondary on Victor Ferrier, Geoffrey Malek, Romuald Fontaine and Amine Mekri. Olivier Moret side is a very athletic team that base its offense in multiple running plays thanks to his versatile QB Franck Bozec and RBs Jason Agemon, Karl Diboule, Andreas Betza and Nicolas Khandar, who scored two touchdowns against Sweden. It is going to be great the mismatch between those guys against the nice Austrian tacklers in Félix Schildorfer, David Nader, Jakob Baran, Thomas Oberdorfert, Raphael Dachs and Marco Zöchner.
Without any kind of doubt this game seems to be the best end possible for the EJC´11; a week where we saw the best young European players in Seville. Good luck to all teams involved in tomorrows´ games!

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