EJC2011: The most decisive and spectacular game so far in EJC´11

Category: European Championship - published 2011-09-02 by EFAF

Today at La Cartuja we saw the most decisive and spectacular game so far in EJC´11. France is playing the Final game against Austria after wining a game with lots of changes and alternatives on the board. First ones to score were the players of Olivier Moret, with an QB sneak (Frank Bozec #6) for 2 yds. On the previous play, Bozec passed to Sofiane Mahmoudi #81 for 45 yds. Remi Bertellini #5 made the extra point 7-0 France. With that score, we got to the second quarter. At this point, the field was that wet and slippery than a lot of turnovers came but no team was able to convert it into points and we arrived to halftime. After the break, the spectacle came… Some forced fumbles and an interception made the game go crazy as both teams were giving their best to get a win and a spot in the Final game. Swedish defense forced a fumble on Bozec #6 and got the ball. At that moment, Carl Nielsen #22 appeared and gained lot of yards before adding a 12 yd TD run. Oscar Nevermann added 2 more points when receiving a pass at the endzone 7-8. On the last quarter, Nielsen #22 added 6 more points, after following his blockers, for 6 yds, but Joakim Knudsen was unable to convert the Extra Point 7-14. French players knew it was time to give everything on the field and after a great Kickoff return by Yoan Boireau #10, Nicolas Khandar #4 scored a TD with a 2 yd run. Florian Lefevre #3 tied the game with the extra point 14-14. With that tie, France was clasified to the Final game so the Swedish players had to take any risk if they wanted to advance and try, at least a field goal. Kevin Sundstöm #10 was unable to find an open receriver and a great French defense, with Guiterembi Vickos #45, Victor Ferrier #26 and Geoffrey Malek #33 as key players, was too strong for the Swedish attack and there was a turnover on downs at midfield. With less than two minutes to play, a great run by Nicholas Khandar #4 for a touchdown (+40 yds) seemed to decide the game and it was indeed because Sweden was unable to get to the French endzone and made another turnover on downs just before the end of the game. Spectacular and great game between France and Sweden. France, will play for the glory, against Austria (Sat. 18:00 at La Cartuja), while Denmark will face Spain in the 5th-6th game contest.

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