EJC2011: Germany will play in the Bronze medal contest

Category: European Championship - published 2011-09-01 by EFAF

Germany will play in the Bronze medal contest, after a nice comeback at the end of the game against Denmark . The game was played under a heavy rain in la Cartuja and both teams based their offenses in the ground attack. After not being able to get a 1st down, Denmark had to punt the ball. Germany was also not able to reach the 10 yds so had to punt as well from it´s own 5 yd line… It was then when Timmi Rysgaard #22 blocked the punt and returned the football to the German endzone 6-0. Martin Jepsen #4 XP was good (0-7).
Both teams tried to run the ball, due to really bad weather conditions, but defenses were better than offenses in both sides so we arrived to halftime with the same score (0-7).
Second half began with a great run by German QB Manuel Engelmann #5 but he was tackled at the 2 yd line, Danish territory, and lost the ball, touchback. Danemark tried to put more points on the board but a new fumble, from Mikkel-Louis Andersen #16, was recovered by German defenders. None of the teams felt comfortable at the field and we got to 4th quarter with the same score (0-7). In the last minutes, a 34 yd pass from Engelmann #5 to Adegbesa @9, put the Germans on the enemy territory. After two runs by Engelmann #5, backup QB Benjamin Mentges #2 ran for 29yds to put 6 points in the board 6-7. Germany tried the 2 point conversion but the pass from Engelmann was intercepted at the endzone (6-7). Danemark was unsuccesful on next drive and Germany got the ball with 4 minutes to play. Current EU champions showed their power with a 70 yd pass caught by Erich Heinz #8 till the 2yd line in the Denmark Goal Line. After two plays, Nicolai Alter #26, with an iinside run, add 6 more points to the Germans. The XP was again not good.
Danemark tried to pass the ball at this moment, but QB Christian Lisby #19 was intercepted by safety Marvin Ehimare #24 in a play that sentenced the Danes.
Denmark will face Spain in the 5-6 game (Saturday 9:30 at San Pablo) while Germany will play for the Bronze medal game against the loser of the Frane-Sweden that will be played today at 18:00 in la Cartuja

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