EFAF Officiating Clinic at Minsk

Category: Referee - published 2011-03-23 by EFAF

Along this weekend 26 officials from 3 different countries – Belarus, Russia and Ukraine – attended an EFAF Clinic organized at the same time that the Clubs meeting in preparation for the EFAF Eastern Cup 2011.

The EFAF Clinician and Chairman of the Officiating Committee, Jose Rebes, and the Russian official Dmitri Khaitovskiy worked with presentations on Rules.

There was also a friendly game between Minsk Linwins (Belarus) and St Petersburg (Russia), officiated by 7 officials attending the Clinic, where Dmitri Khaitovskiy was the Referee. On Sunday morning, and as the second part of the Clinic, the game was reviewed by Jose Rebes.

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