EC2010: Germany beats Finland 23:4

Category: European Championship - published 2010-07-29 by EFAF

It was a strange start but at the end, Team Germany advanced for the forth time in a row to the gold medal game in a European Championship. They beat Finland 23-4 but had only a 6-4 lead at half time. Finland was able to gain a 4-0 lead as the Germans had two high snaps resulting into two safeties for Finland. It is an old saying that defense wins championships. For team Germany it was sufficient that their defense good enough to held Finland only to a total of 107 yards. Their defense kept the dreams alive in the first half as the offense was a little bit rusty.

Again little mistakes could have led into big trouble for Team Germany. In the first drives they were forced to use finish game balls. This caused difficulties resulting into bad snaps and two safeties. But then offense and defense were able to find their rhythm. Midway in the 2nd quarter QB Dennis Zimmermann could contect to WR Niklas Römer over 33 yards for the 1st touchdown. Germany took the lead and never surrendered although they had to fight for the win for four quarters.

Finland was Germany's nemessis in the last 15 years during the European Championships. And also this time they prooved that they are a team you never should underestimate. Although their offense around the 19 year old quarterback Miro Kadmiry could not score any points today, they showed that they will have a bright future. From their perfomance in the first two matches, Finland will enter the 5-6th place game on Saturday against Great Britain as favourites to win. But the GB team has won several games against the odds in recent years, so this will be an exciting match-up to see who remains in the European A Group.

The Finish defense was very strong and aggressive and forced team Germany to hustle very often during the match. Even the first touchdown of team Germany was nearly a broken play. QB Dennis Zimmermann had to pick his last possible choice and found WR Niklas Römer under a lot of pressure. And even in the 2nd half Finland tried everything to keep the game close. The neck breaker was a punt fake at the beginning of the 4th quarter. RB Danny Washington ran a direct snap for a gain 49 yards. Afterwards K Jan Hilgenfeldt scored a 27 yards field goal to gave Germany a 17 points lead.

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