EC2010: The dices are rolled in pool B

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The dices are rolled in pool B. After their 14-2 victory against Great Britain former European Champion Sweden advanced to the bronze medal game next Saturday. Their opponent has to be determined between Germany and Finland later tonight. Two days after their game against France the GB tried tried to show their best football but again their running game was nearly shut down. Sweden was able to score right before half time and were able to redeem themselves for the loss against France.

GB Lions head coach Riq Ayub tried almost everything to get a rhythm into his team. But sometimes the GB Lions played without any confidence although Ayub stated after the game that his team played with a lot of confidence. But he also had to admit that his team did not show their best football they are able to play. This time the Lions were able to install their passing game, gained a total 133 yards but no touchdowns.

The GB Lions were able to score the first two points in the game, resulting from a team safety. A snap was too high for K/P Ola Kimrin and Great Britain took the lead midway in the second quarter. The GB Lions had their chance to increase the score but too many balls were dropped and the offense line could not open up the holes for their running backs. But still RB Michael Andrews was able to run for a gain of 33 yards an was named to be Great Britains MVP.

Team Sweden needed almost two quarters to find their rhythm but right before halftime QB Sebastian Thune could connect a 82 yards pass to WR Fredrik Eklund. Two plays later the quarterback run a dive from the britsh one-yard-line to give his team the lead. In the second half the Swedish defense forced several three-and-outs. Another big play gave Sweden the 14-7 lead. This time QB Anders Hermodsson run for 48 yards and several plays later for 13 yards to score the 2nd touchdown for his time. Hermodsson was selected as Swedens MVP for the 2nd time in this tournament. After the lead both teams exchanged some turnovers but no one could convert this mistakes into points.

SWE-GBR_MVP_A. Hermodsson_was_leading_rusher.JPG

Group B
Sweden 140707Stats File
Great Britain20200


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