EC 2010: It was a night to remember for Team Austria

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It was a night to remember for Team Austria. After the beat Finland 30:7 they have now the possibility to advance to the bronze medal game. All they need is another victory by Team Germany. And if the host of this tournament will lose, Austria still has a chance to become the 2nd team to achieve to the gold medal game on Saturday. But even the participation in the bronze medal game is a real success for Austria and proved, that they belong truly into the A pool. Finland itself showed a good football match but was not able to respond on the strikes Team Austria made. “Our big times are gone. But we will come back”, Finland’s head coach Tuomas Heikkinen stated.

Team Finland could keep the game close only for one half, but the Austrians´ size and depth were at the end too much for the Finns. Austria´s first win during the European Championship came with a score of 30-7 (17-7). Especially on third down conversion, Team Austria was very effective, could convert six out of 13 for a new first down. The team from Finland made too many mistakes, especially in the 2nd half of the game and was never able to stop the running and the passing game for the whole match. At the end Team Austria used 60 plays to gain 367 yards. They scored one field goal and four touchdowns.

"We tried too hard in the first game. Now we did the little things better", Austria's head coach Rick Rhoades said.

"Kliman's touchdown run in the first quarter and the field goal at the end of the half were big plays for us."

The key for the victory for Austria were no mistakes on offense. This time Team Austria did not commit any turnover. But their defense forced four fumbles and could recover one. Finland could compete only in the 1st half but was never able to shut down the offense from Team Austria. Austrian MVP Florian Grein rushed for 82 yards and one touchdown. In total the Austrian running backs gained a total of 198 yards.

"We stepped up from Saturday's game. We had no turnovers on this game, and it was huge", team MVP Florian Grein said.

Although it was clear loss for five time European Champion Finland, they showed that the still can work with young people and that their program is on the way back on to the top. QB Miro Kadmiry is only 19 years old and is allready the starting quarterback for his team. He was selected to be Finland’s MVP on this match. Kadmiry replaced longtime starter Petrus Penkki, who retired two years ago. Tuesday's game was his first senior national team game. In the European Junior Championships in Sevilla two years ago, he played at wide receiver.

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