EC2010: EFAF trains organizers on the job

Category: European Championship - published 2010-07-27 by EFAF

EFAF trains organizers on the job

In organizing the Europe's biggest tournament, EFAF is also training new staff to work in tournaments in the future. The three members of The Tournament Observation Program, Romeo Tjoe-A-On, Karl de Raat and Patrick Lashley work closely with the Tournament Committee to help things run smoothly with the teams and the organizers.

And with the experience gathered in the EC 2010, they
will in the future be assigned duties such as game day observer or Tournament in the EFAF organization.

"I´m helping weherever it´d needed. It´s always useful to have a second or third opinion or an extra hand", says Tjoe-A-On, who is also the EFAF Director of Junior Championships.

"It is an important experience for organizing the junior tournaments. Some of this translates over to juniors, but of course you have to keep in mind the cultural aspects", says the former Dutch national team player.

De Raat wants to stay with football when he is done with playing.

"I still play at age 44, and I love the game. I want to keep involved. There is a camaraderie here you don´t find for example in soccer."

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