Russia at Final: 42 : 15 versus Denmark

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With a 42 : 15 victory against Denmark Russia followed Italy to the EC-C-Group Championship Final. There the russian bears will meet team Azzurri, the italian tournament favourite with all their old stars well known in Europe over years headed by Quarterback Dino Bucciol.

The upcoming Final will be the decision of the question: Does Itay will be able to win with their old experienced stars against the new young russian team. The All Star team of Russia has an average age from beginning of 20 years and will meet The Azzurris, a team with an average age of about 10 years more. Interesting to see whether the Russians headed by their game MVP Jewgenij Tschechov, MVP also of the game against The Netherlands, can win. The young russian team playing with an enormous speed is propably the team with the most modern and fastest game in that tournament.

The new built national team of Denmark was not able to beet the young Russians. Experts knew in advance, that it would be not easy for team Denmark to win. So the result might be a little bit disappointing but was not unexpected. Denmark will become better if the team plays on international level continously in future too. If their top teams NFA Monarchs and Roskilde Kings especially participate on european club team competitions the danish players will have the international experience they might miss right know. A good basis is there waiting to become devellopped.

Denmark - Czech Republic 3 : 7
Czech Republic - Italy 14 : 28
The Netherlands - Russia 10 : 28
Italy - The Netherlands 63 : 21
Russia - Denmark 42 : 15


1. Italy 4 : 0, 91 : 31 - qualified for Final
2. Russia 4 : 0, 70 : 25 - qualified for Final
3. Czech Republic 2: 2, 21 : 28 - qualified for Bronze Medal Game
4. Denmark 0 : 4, 18 : 49 - qualified for Bronze Medal Game
5. The Netherlands 0: 4, 31 : 91

Denmark and The Netherlands have equal scores. But Denmark has better TD-Record. Denmark -31, The Netherlands - 60.

Final Game: Italy vs. Russia
Bronze Medal Game: Czech Republic vs. Denmark

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