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EFAF introduces two new international competitions

The European Federation of American Football has decided to start two new international competitions in addition to EFL and the EFAF-Cup. The Challenge Cup and the Atlantic Cup both start this year, with a total of 11 teams participating.

"The new competitions which will play their inaugural season this year are part of the EFAF Long Time Development Strategy", comments EFAF President Robert Huber. "It is the aim of EFAF to promote American Football in Europe and offer our members opportunities to have attractive competitions. Part of that strategy is to create suitable competitions for all our members. EFAF Challenge Cup and EFAF Atlantic Cup are especially designed for those member federations which have been founded in the last years and those who are not able to compete in EFL or EFAF Cup due to various, for example financial or technical restrictions. Both competitions are based on regional settings which offer low travel costs and are bringing clubs of competitive strength together. The next step will be to establish the next competition on Eastern Europe including Russia, Ukraine and Moldova."

Group A of the Challenge Cup consists of the Vrbas Hunters (Serbia), the Klek Knights (Serbia), the Györ Sharks (Hungary) and the Pomorze Seahawks Gdansk (Poland). Playing in group B are the Kragujevac Wild Boars (Serbia), the Pancevo Panthers (Serbia), the Wroclaw Devils (Poland) and the Reggio Emilia Hogs.

It is the first time that clubs from Hungary and Serbia participate in an official EFAF tournament. Poland took that step already last year, but this year's Polish representatives are new on European level. For the Italian team Hogs it is also a premier to play in an EFAF competition.

The semi finals will be played the weekend of June 27th-28th. The final is set for the weekend of July 18th-19th.

The first Atlantic Cup is a weekend tournament for three teams. The Amstelland Panthers (Netherlands), the Dublin Rebels (Ireland) and the West-Vlaanderen Tribes (Belgium) play in Brussels the weekend of June 26th-28th.

The club from the Irish island is the first official representative on the European continent in an EFAF competition, but the team from Belgium is the first one back in Europe after a long rest since the late nineties. The Amstelland Junior Team is already known in the Dutch neighbour countries, but now the teams steps first time into Europe with the senior team.

"With our new competitions we have the all time record number of 39 teams playing in EFAF´s club competitions", adds EFAF President Robert Huber.

"This proves that EFAF works closely with our member federations on creating those opportunities. We are really thankful to all our member federations who supported us and we are sure that we will see great football this year."

The full schedule for the Challenge Cup (all times local):

Group A:
Date Home team Guest team
*local time
April 25, pm* Vrbas (SER) Klek (SER)
May 2, pm* Gdansk (POL) Sharks (HUN)
May 16, pm* Vrbas (SER) Gdansk (POL)
May 17, pm* Klek (SER) Sharks (HUN)
May 30, 3pm* Sharks (HUN) Vrbas (SER)
May 30, pm* Gdansk (POL) Klek (SER)

Group B:
Date Home team Guest team
*local time
April 5, 12 am* Wroclaw (POL) Reggio Emilia (IT)
April 26, pm* Kragujevac (SER) Pancevo (SER)
May 16/17, pm* Wroclaw (POL) Kragujevac (SER)
May 16, 8 pm* Reggio Emilia (IT) Pancevo (SER)
May 31, 12 am* Kragujevac (SER) Reggio Emilia (IT)
May 30, pm* Pancevo (SER) Wroclaw (POL)

Uwe Talke, EFAF-Commissioner for Club-Teams, thanks at first the seven federations involved and their presidents.

"Without the assistance and help of the federations we would not have managed it, due to the work of all clubs, their representatives and other persons." And with a view on the fifth EFAF competition in Eastern Europe mentioned before he adds: "The open spots on the European map without American Football - organized by EFAF - are becoming less and are only a few. The additional workload due to the new competitions will be tough, but we will make it."

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