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EUROBOWL XXXI June 10 in Frankfurt am Main

published 2017-05-18

The EUROBOWL XXXI - the championship game of the Big6 European Football League (BIG EFL) - will take place on June 10, 2017 at 19.00 h in Frankfurt am Main.

After having recieved applications of both finalists the League management of the EFL awarded the right to host and organize EUROBOWL XXXI to the Samsung Frankfurt Universe. read more

EFL Bowl IV June 10 in Thonon-les-Bains

published 2017-05-16

The EFL Bowl IV – the championship game of the European Football League (EFL) -will take place on June 10, 2017 in Thonon-les-Bains (France.

The League management of the EFL awarded the right to host and organize EFL BOWL IV to Thonon les Bains Black Panthers. read more

Berlin Rebels win against Frankfurt 11:10

published 2017-05-15

Universe moves into the Eurobowl XXXI The Berlin Rebels won the German duel against the Samsung Frankfurt Universe in their first home game in the BIG6 in front of 1,108 spectators in the Mommsenstadion. The guests, nevertheless, earned a place into the Eurobowl XXXI by the better points ratio in the triple comparison of the group. read more

Berlins Rebels gewinnen gegen Frankfurt 11:10

published 2017-05-14

Universe zieht in den Eurobowl ein Die Berlin Rebels gewannen bei ihrem ersten Heimspiel in der BIG6 vor 1.108 Zuschauern im Mommsenstadion das deutsche Duell gegen die Samsung Frankfurt Universe denkbar knapp mit 11:10, die Hessen ziehen jedoch trotzdem durch das bessere Punkteverhältnis im Dreiervergleich der Gruppe in den Eurobowl XXXI ein. read more

Decision in Group B: Berlin meets Frankfurt

published 2017-05-11

Badalona vs Amsterdam concludes Group A The decision, who will follow the New Yorker Lions into the final of the Eurobowl XXXI, falls this weekend, when the Berlin Rebels meet the Samsung Frankfurt Universe in the German duel of group A on Saturday, 13th of May, at 3 p.m. at the Mommsenstadion. read more

Entscheidung in der Gruppe B: Berlin trifft auf Frankfurt

published 2017-05-11

Badalona gegen Amsterdam schließt Gruppe A ab Die Entscheidung, wer den New Yorker Lions ins Finale um den Eurobowl XXXI folgt, fällt an diesem Wochenende, wenn die Berlin Rebels am Samstag, 13. Mai, um 15.00 Uhr im Mommsenstadion im deutsch-deutschen Duell auf die Samsung Frankfurt Universe treffen. read more

Rhinos Milano folgen Black Panthers Thonon in den EFL Bowl

published 2017-05-11

36:6-Auswärtssieg bei den Nice Dauphins In der Gruppe A der EFL gewannen die Rhinos Milano auch das Rückspiel in der Zweiergruppe und zogen damit ins Finale ein. Die Rhinos gewannen nach dem Hinspiel-Sieg bei den Nice Dauphins mit 6:36 (6:7/0:6/0:9/0:14). read more

Rhinos Milano follows Black Panthers Thonon in the EFL Bowl

published 2017-05-11

36:6-victory at the Nice Dauphins In Group A of the EFL, the Rhinos Milano also won the second game in the group stage and moved into the final. The Rhinos won with 6:36 (6:7/0:6/0:9/0:14) in the away game at the Nice Dauphins.

The guests from Milan scored the first touchdown of the game when TJ Pryor reached the end zone with a 42-yard run. read more

Samsung Frankfurt Universe wins BIG6 premiere

published 2017-05-08

38:12 against Seamen Milano The Samsung Frankfurt Universe have successfully made their debut in the BIG6 and defeated the Seamen Milano with 38:12 (21:0/3:6/7:0/7:6). read more

EFL: Thonon gewinnt in Berlin und zieht in den EFL Bowl ein

published 2017-05-07

In der European Football League (EFL) haben sich die Thonon Black Panthers durch einen knappen 14:13-Auswärtssieg bei den Berlin Adlern als erstes Team für den EFL-Bowl qualifiziert. read more

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