Germany applies to host European Championship in 2010 at Frankfurt

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Hosting Concept presented to EFAF

The American Football Federation of Germany has officially handed in an application to host the European Championship in 2010. Included into the ambitious plan of the AFVD is the extension of the A-Pool to six teams. Alongside reigning Champion Sweden, Germany (host and runner up of the 2005 tournament) and Finland – the third placed team in 2005 – which under the old modus constitute the A-pool and therefore are qualified, Great Britain and France will also participate in the tournament. In addition the winner of next years B-pool would join the competition.

The cooperation of the AFVD with the „Commerzbank Arena“, the city of Frankfurt as well as the Bundesland Hessen and the Bund makes this increase in competition possible. As a result of this development, the financial aspect of hosting the A-Championship is completely secured, the AFVD bears no financial risk, despite the fact that six instead of four teams need to be accomodated, catered and supplied and the number of games will more than double from four to nine. Next to the Commerzbank Arena, host to the opening games and the finals, the stadium „Am Bretanobad“ and „Am Bornheimer Hang“ in Frankfurt are designated venues. The teams will be accomodated in the „Sportschule des hessischen Landessportbundes“ as well as hotels.

Also included in the concept for application is an appealing TV coverage. The federation plans to realize broadcasts of all games through its own production company. For the opening game and the final, plans include six cameras with a live satellite feed for the international market, whereby the technical requirements could be accomplished for every game, given that there is interest from TV stations for certain games. With the TV station „Deutsches Sport Fernsehen“ (DSF), which will also broadcast the next three German Bowls, we are currently in promising prenegotiations about an adequat coverage for the German speaking region.

The quality and dimension of the German application makes it highly unlikely , that another national federation of Europe will launch its own application, let alone that the EFAF will in the end decide in favor of such an applicant. Within the European national federations the AFVD with its 270 clubs and their 31.000 registered members holds a special position when it comes to organizational structures. This basis and the cooperation with such partners as the Commerzbank Arena, the city of Frankfurt and the DSF, which was intensified over the last 12 months, shall be used, to help the American Football of Europe to advance into new dimensions by hosting a showpiece tournament.

This is quite remarkable considering that EFAFs experiences with the allocation of the European Championship in the recent past have not always been the best. Initially it was planned for Finland to host the next A-Pool, however the finish association had to withdraw its commitment due to the renovation of Helsinki stadium - the top stadium in Finland and the planned venue for the tournament- in preperation of the UEFA Soccer Women European Championships. In 2006 the danish association withdrew so short dated out of the swedish-danish joint venture to host the European Junior Championship. Already in 1999 a European Championship had to be cancelled. Back then Germany also filled in as alternative host.

Afterwards the modus was changed into the format used now, in which two years before the A-Championship the „smaller nations“ hold the C-Pool, of which the winner advances to the B-Pool which then – one year before the A-Championship - determines the nation to be promoted to the A-Pool. This also causes problems for the EFAF: After the Austrians won and hosted the C-Championship well, the B-Pool planned for Italy had to be cancelled and postponed until 2009 due to the bankruptcy of the Italian federation.

In contrast the American Football family of Europe has always been able to confide in Germany when it came to the realization of tournaments. Even when in 1992 - after a ferocious rain – the stadium „Am Millerntor“ in Hamburg was kneedeep under water, an alternative venue was found within hours. The European Championship in Hamburg (2000), the final of Hanau in 2001, the World Cup of 2003 in the Rhine-Main region and the World Games of Duisburg in 2005 have shown, that not only the organizational talent of the Germans, but also the big interest of spectators for international tournaments speaks for itself. In combination with the unique international travel connections of the city of Frankfurt am Main this plan promises to be a worthy frame for the European Championship of American Football in 2010.

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