The finalists headline the All-Star teams with 8 selections each

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The two best teams in the EJC 2008 both have the largest number of players in the tournament All-Star-teams. Selected by the tournament committee, Germany and Sweden each have 8 players in the two All-Star teams. Finishing in the seventh place, Finland has 6 selections, and France, Denmark and Russia 5.

The first team All-Star quarterback is Sweden’s Anders Hermodsson, who completed over 60% of his passes with five touchdowns in the three group phase games. In the final he connected for the Swedes’ lone touchdown. The first team All-Star running backs are the two players with the most rushing yardage, tournament MVP Hampus Hellermark of Sweden (450 yards in four games) and Russia’s Alexey Medvedenko (364 yards). Germany shared the ball more than any other team in their running game, and Malek Said was selected as a representative from the German RB squad to the second team. He rushed for a total of 352 yards, with 100 yards in the final.

The most improved team in the tournament: Spain

Fair Play team: Finland


(3xSWE, 2x GER, 1x RUS, ESP, DEN, AUS, FRA)

QB Anders Hermodsson (SWE #7)
RB Hampus Hellermark (SWE #6)
RB Alexey Medvedev (RUS #22)
WR Daniel Belso (ESP #11)
WR Mickael Doukoure (FRA #9)
WR Kevin Narthey (DEN #7)
OL Mathias Franzen (SWE #57)
OL Nils Hampel (GER#70)
OL Alexander Milanovic (AUS#61)
OL Alexander Bodewig (GER#72)
OL Clement Rabache (FRA #59)


(3x RUS, 2x GER, 2x DEN, 1x SWE, AUS, FRA)

DL Rasmus Andersen (DEN #41)
DL Olof Flenström (SWE #99)
DL Kirill Zunin (RUS #95)
DL Paco Varol (GER #98)
LB Niklas Frausing (DEN #2)
LB Ramiz Dadashev (RUS #54)
LB Marku Greber (AUS #27)
DB Loris Legras (FRA #24)
DB Aleksander Niemas (GER #24)
DB Kristian Warthoe (DEN #26)
DB Alexander Gureev (RUS #16)


(2x SWE, 2x GER, 2x FIN, 1x ESP, FRAU, AUS, DEN, RUS)

QB Hurtado Jonsson (SPA #9)
RB Steven Joacin (FRAU #6)
RB Malek Said (GER #33)
WR Michael Janik (AUS #87)
WR Sana Sidebeh (GER #87)
WR Simon Amlgren (SWE #2)
OL Arttu Tennberg (FIN #75)
OL Tobias Sandau (DEN #61)
OL Kirill Fuzik (RUS #85)
OL Riku Riepula (FIN #62)
OL Olle Norberg (SWE #55)


(4x FIN, 2x GER, 2x SWE, 1x AUS, ESP, FRA)

DL Peter Baumgartner (AUS #98)
DL Peter Högström (FIN #94)
DL Marco Gudding (SWE #98)
DL Lucas Müller (GER #95)
LB Daniel Agell (ESP #42)
LB Jeremy Mezeeau (FRA #57)
LB Max Westerlund (FIN #44)
DB Jimmy Tommila (FIN #25)
DB Doctor Cassama (SWE #24)
DB Jan Ibler (GER #16)
DB Maximilian Ehlert (FIN #3)


1. Germany: 8 players
2. Sweden: 8 players
3. France: 5 players
4. Denmark: 5 players
5. Russia: 5 players
6. Austria: 4 players
7. Finland: 6 players
8. Spain: 3 players


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