IFAF Europe General Meeting took place September 23, 2017 in Paris

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Delegates representing 65 votes meet in Paris on September 23, 2017.

That was the first regular general meeting after the foundation of the Continental Association on 17.09.2016 at the same place as last year.

IFAF Europe President Enrique Garcia de Castro reported:

Europe needs a strong own independent voice! Europe must not be dependent on strengths beyond Europe, which are not aware of our structure, concerns and needs, and therefore donĀ“t understand our way. We want to regulate our own matters.

Accordingly, the last year was coined by rebuilding our Continental Association. This included particularly:
- Registration at the authorities
- Establishment of an agency for personal- and working structure
- Financial accounting and payment handling
- Internet-page and social media presence via Facebook
- Registration of brands and registered design
- Recruitment of Staff in full-time or voluntary positions

These steps are almost completed.

According to these steps, the IFAF Europe was already able to organize first competitions in 2017:

1. At the U19 Junior-Europe-Championship with qualifying Championship in Belgrade and Almere and the finals in Paris, there were ten nations included.

2. For the Flag-Football Europe-Championship in Madrid there were ten male-teams and five female-teams registered.

Thereby it was almost reached the number of attendance as under the aegis of EFAF.

In 2018, the final competition of the European Championship of the male national-teams will take place at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt am Main. This Championship will surely be a further highlight in the history of the Football-Sports in Europe.

In the field of the club competitions, the IFAF Europe works closely together with the committee of the national associations, which organize those competitions under the guidelines of the Frankfurt Declaration.

The final of the Big6, the EUROBOWL, was played in Frankfurt in front of 7.000 Viewers and see with Braunschweig a great champion. The EFL was won by Thonon-les-Bains Panthers.

The number of the participants will surely increase in 2018.

President Garcia de Castro thanked everyone who supported the IFAF Europe MC and the continental association in the last year and wished a great cooperation for all of for the second year of the history.

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