League Management issues invitations for Big6 and EFL

Category: BIG 6 - published 2016-11-15 by AFVD

The League Management of the Big6 European Football League issued – after having review all applications - invitations to Amsterdam Crusaders, Berlin, New Yorker Lions (Braunschweig), Carlstad Crusaders, Frankfurt Universe and Milano Seamen. Most teams already accepted the invitations.

With the New Yorker Lions from Braunschweig the winner of the last two Big6 seasons returns. Samsung Frankfurt Universe as winner of the 2016 EFL Bowl III, the final game of the European Football League is also look for a new challenge as well as long veteran teams Amsterdam Crusaders, Carlstad Crusders and Milano Seamen. In Berlin both teams, the Berlin Adler and the Berlin Rebels, are candidates for the sixth spot in Big6. The League Management will decide on a later day which team will be seated for Big6 and which for the EFL.

With the 2017 edition the Big6 is moving from teams from three countries in 2016 to teams from four countries putting the Big6 on a more international platform.

Also for the 2017 EFL some entries can also be confirmed: Badalona Dracs, Berlin (Adler or Rebels – see above), Milano Rhinos, Nice Dauphines and Thonon-Les Bains Black Panthers. For the last sport there are currently three candidates under review.

IFAF Europe Champions League is also seeing entries from various countries.

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