EFL & EFAF Cup 2013 season

Category: EFL - published 2012-10-23 by EFAF

EFAF announces modifications in competition format

Representatives from clubs throughout Europe will meet on November 17 at Milan, Italy, to prepare for the tournaments in EFL and EFAF Cup in the 2013 season. Part of the agenda at the club meeting will be the announcement of changes in the rules and regulations.

The most important is a change in the scheduling formula which is deemed to generate more playing opportunities for the competing teams: Starting with the 2013 season runner-ups in the preliminaries of EFL group play, who miss the EFL quarterfinals, will get a chance to continue their international route into EFAF Cup. EFL quarterfinals will be played under the same scheduling formula as in the past, all group winners of the EFL preliminaries earn their playoff berth for the quarterfinals.

Second-place teams of the EFL preliminary round will be given the opportunity to play in the newly introduced quarterfinals of the EFAF Cup. The winners of the EFAF Cup preliminary groups will have the home field advantage in these quarterfinals, ensuring them an additional international home game.

As this will be a new option for the teams for the 2013 season there will be no obligation to enter EFAF Cup quarterfinals after finishing second in EFL group play. However the teams will have to decide before the competition starts: Teams entering the EFL will have time until the end of February to decide and inform EFAF whether or not they wish to use the option to continue in EFAF Cup in case they finish second. In the first year of the new format the option will also be expanded to the third-place teams who may replace the second-place team of their group if this has opted out before the end of February

Another major change will be a new rule regarding player participation. Overseas players have a vital role in European American Football and are very much welcome. However EFAF is aware of the need to sustain the development of home-grown talent. There are many benefits in having overseas players in the competitions and in the European clubs, where they may serve as role models and may transfer their knowledge of the game to young European athletes.

But it is of vital interest for European American Football to ensure long-term youth policies are not affected. Therefore future EFAF club competitions will have a “Home-Grown Players rule” in effect beginning with the 2013 season. The rule will prohibit clubs from naming more than six non home-grown players in either of their offensive or defensive starting lineups. The definition of who is regarded as home-grown player and who is not will be made clear to the clubs in a special declaration to the Rules and Regulations for the 2013 season.

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