Russia beats The Netherlands 28 : 10

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Russia beats The Netherlands 28 : 10. With this victory Russia takes the lead in European Championship (C-Group). Now Italy and Russia have both the possibilty to reach the Final Game on Saturday August 2, 2003 by winning their second game on Thursday July 31, 2003.

Russia did win the European Junior Championships in 2002 in Glasgow. The core of that 2002 juniors team is the basis of the 2003 seniors team of Russia some older players from Moscow Bears and Moscow Patriots added. The MVP of last years junior champioship, Runningback Jewgenij Tschechow, is a danger for the opponents. But it´s not only him. Quarterback and Wide receiver as well as the second Runningback are threatening weapons for the other team. Spys from NCAA are aware of that. The young russian team proofed that it is one of the tournament favorites besides Italy.

The Netherlands did not disappoint. Team Orange did do a good job, if you realize, that it is the first senior championship the dutch team participates since a decade. in the meantime a new generation of players, coaches and board member grew up. The good old days Dutch Football was number one in Europe, in the end of the 80´s beginning of the 90´s, still are history, but in the small country on the North Sea American Football development is becoming better and better since about year 2000, when the new Federation was created in the Netherlands. The dutch federation is on the right way, as this relatively close result symbolizes.

Denmark - Czech Republic 3 : 7
Czech Republic - Italy 14 : 28
The Netherlands - Russia 10 : 28


1. Russia 2 : 0, 28 : 10
2. Italy 2: 0, 28 : 14
3. Czech Republic 2: 2, 21 : 28
4. Denmark 0 : 2, 3 : 7
5. The Netherlands 0: 2, 10 : 28

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