Russia is European C-Champion.

In a heard attack final Russia beats Italy by 43: 35. The Russian youth did win against italian experience on a high level game. It might be to early to talk about a generation change. But it is a sign and a symbol. Not only the guys around mid thirty years old Italian Quarterback Dino Bucciol did loose the final against the young team from Russia, which has its basis in the 2002 European Junior Champion Russia.

The Czech Republic could win the game for the third place against host Denmark by 45:20.

EFAF thanks the Danish Federation for a perfect organized C-Championship tournament in Copenhagen. The EC2003 was really an advertisement for American Football.

FinalItaly vs. Russia 35:43
3rd PlaceDenmark vs. Czech Republic20:45
5th PlaceThe Netherlands

Schedule and Ranking:

EC Group C 2003
RankCountryWon Lost TiedPF PA
3Czech Republic1-1-021:28
5The Netherlands0-2-031:91

Denmark - Czech Republic3 : 7
Czech Republic - Italy 14 : 28
The Netherlands - Russia 10 : 28
Italy - The Netherlands 63 : 21
Russia - Denmark42: 15

Russia is European C-Champion. Italy wins second and Czech Republic third place 2003-08-03
Russia at Final: 42 : 15 versus Denmark 2003-07-31
Live Ticker: Russia - Denmark 42: 15 (final result) 2003-07-31
Italy at final: Italy vs. The Netherlands 63 : 21 2003-07-31
Russia beats The Netherlands 28 : 10 2003-07-30
Liveticker: The Netherlands - Russia 10 : 28 (final result) 2003-07-29
Italy beats Czech Republic 28 : 14 2003-07-29
European Championsships (C-Group) starts at Copenhagen 2003-07-23

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